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{VIDEO} Here's to relentless hope

Hey there,

Hope you're taking care of yourself -  we're all in this together!

Firstly, a quick personal moment from this week - a few days ago I was walking with my toddler around the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day - sun shining bright, trees blossoming.

Normally on a day like this the neighborhood would be bustling with energy.  Instead, the streets were eerily quiet and you could feel the tension in the air as people were walking past each other while trying to keep their distance. All of a sudden out of the silence came the sound of a little bird singing with the most beautiful melodious voice. Hearing this bird sing with such wild abandon and joy stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes.

It reminded me of the incredible power of Music and how it can lift us up, and transform us especially in challenging times like these!


This also reminded me of one of my absolute favorite pieces of music,  Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Timewhere throughout the piece Messiaen imitates different birdcalls. Please enjoy the last movement of the piece "Louange à l'Immortalité de Jesus" ("Praise to the immortality of Jesus"), which to me represents relentless hope!

Messiaen wrote this piece while he was a prisoner of war during World War II. And though most of the piece is ominous it has a transcendental and peaceful end.

The last movement has my personal favorite marking - "Avec Amour" (score pictured above ☝️), so I took this marking to the next level and recorded it with my husband Mike Brofman (while the baby was sleeping). 


I'd love to hear from YOU - What are your thoughts about this piece? What kind of music helps to lift you up these days? Write back or connect with me on your preferred Social Media (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend (whatever that may mean to you),

- Stani

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