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The #1 Secret to True and Long-Lasting Happiness (It's Not What You Think)

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hey there and a big WELCOME to

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As you might already know PhiloSonia's 2019-20 Season "VOYAGE" explores 

music inspired by travel and a few favorite destinations, so make sure you

Photo by Jiyang Chen

Now that you’re back in full swing of things chances are you might find yourself day-dreaming about summer, or possibly your next vacation.

I know I am.

To be honest I didn’t have a very eventful

summer - I had a great time, just not my most memorable summer for sure. There’s one clear

memory however that I go back to over and over in my mind - a short road trip I took with my husband and baby daughter to Massachusetts to hear some concerts, catch up with friends and breathe in some clean air. The trip was only a few days, yet it’s the one thing I keep day-dreaming about. And anytime I feel overworked I catch myself planning our next trip.

Then recently I stumbled upon an article that made it all make sense. Turns out science has now proven that...

Traveling makes us happier than accumulating any material things do.

I’m sure you already know this to be true either intuitively or from experience. But

a Cornell University study shows that while the happiness you get from material things decreases over time, the memories of your traveling experiences last indefinitely.

The line that really has stayed with me though is by Dr. Gilovich who conducted the research saying that...

Adaptation is "one of the enemies of happiness".

And by disconnecting from the environment we're already adapted to is how we create happy and lasting memories.

So when it comes to making a decision to take a trip there are many reasons why NOT to do it - save money, save time, focus on work, etc, but the benefits most certainly outweigh these excuses. Let’s see:

  • Strengthen and deepen friendship and relationship with the people you travel with *

  • Create meaningful experience that will bring you TRUE and LONG-LASTING HAPPINESS

  • Inevitably learn something new about the world, others, or yourself

I tend to be a little meta sometimes so all this makes me want to take this a step further 💭 and ask:

What have I adapted myself to in my life?

In what area in my life can I change something to create more enriching experiences for myself ?

I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. What are some personal discoveries you’ve experienced on a journey ?

This post is inspired by PhiloSonia's current season "Voyage". It's our most ambitious season yet, and it's definitely the one I'm the most proud of ! You can get your Season Pass now and I look forward to seeing you at our concerts soon.

Thanks for reading and we’ll talk soon!

All my best,


*A famous Harvard University study shows that people who are closely connected with their family and friends are happiest and healthiest. What makes these relationship even stronger are shared new experiences - like traveling or concerts ;)

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